We started as a group of friends with an idea: an idea for a pizzeria with affordable goods, right-down-the-street convenience and the charm and quality of a classic European kitchen. In 2012, we gave the idea a name: Crispelli’s Bakery and Pizzeria. And with it, the community got its first delicious taste of our commitment.

In the five years since, we’ve pulled a lot of pizza out of our ovens—a lot of pasta, pastries, breadsticks, rolls, and loaves of bread too. We found ourselves needing as much dough as we could get our floury hands on, and from that need rose our next idea. This would become the foundation for BREAD, the bakery that not only helps us make more of what we need for our restaurants, but gives people a whole new way to gather around what we do best, the bread.

At BREAD it all starts with the dough. Handcrafted, individually shaped and naturally leavened every time. Quality and freshness is the base for all our recipes just like at Crispelli’s, only here, what ends up on our racks and in our display cases has a sweeter, more bite-size focus. Whether it’s a pastry, a loaf of bread, a dessert, or a cup of coffee, tasting delicious and carefully considering what makes it so is what makes it from BREAD.

Bread has always been at the center of the Crispelli’s table. Now with BREAD, the hub for everything fresh from the oven, it truly is the heart.




As the senior baker on our team, David puts the capital B in Bread. After graduating with a degree in culinary arts in 1982 from Oakland Community College, Dave opened his own bakery: Baking by the Auer’s. This gave him the amazing opportunity to study with a number of world-class chefs both in Europe and from across the United States. Since selling his bakery in the late ’90s, Dave’s been a major force in helping raise the quality of bread in the metro Detroit area in everywhere from country clubs, to restaurants, to more recently helping launch the highly regarded Crust Bakery in Fenton. For Dave, baking hasn’t simply been a career, it’s been his way of life. We like to joke that “If you can bake it, Dave has a recipe for it.”



From the moment he milled his first batch of flour, Jake was captivated by the art of baking. So, by the time he decided to quit grad school, he had a plan—he would dedicate his life to mastering the craft. From straight yeast rolls to high-hydration sourdoughs, he continues to push himself toward mastering every aspect of baking. Though it waasn’t just the baking that that drew him in, it was the entire bakery lifestyle. He brings the same passion that he takes in creating the ideal loaf of bread or croissant to setting up the chairs and brewing coffee in the morning. To Jake, there is truly nothing better than watching the people file in on Saturday morning and seeing the regulars during the week stop by for their favorite baked treat.



Patrick first fell in love with baking at the tender age of 14 when he was given the opportunity to help out in his uncle’s bakery. After several years of honing his baking skills with his uncle, Pat would meet his future wife-to‐be and move to Baltimore to take a job with the legendary Stahl’s Bakery. Over the course of his storied career, Pat would continue to climb the ladder of success as he moved from bakery to bakery. With his vast range of experience and a passion for baking that runs deep, Pat’s hard work and leadership is the backbone of the Bread team. His son Mathew is currently part of the Bread team and is following in his father’s footsteps.



As one of Bread’s founding consultants, Tim’s presence is felt as soon as you walk through our doors and are instantly met by the aroma of his delicious creations. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a BA in Psychology in 1989, Tim turned his focus to his true passion of baking and pastries and earned a degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He, then, spent the next 12 years developing his skills in producing high-quality artisan baked goods as the head baker at some of the most regarded bakeries in the U.S. Tim spent several years sharing his craft as an instructor at the prestigious San Francisco Baking Institute and was a pivotal contributor to the creation of a comprehensive baking and pastry textbook.



Patty was there when we pulled the first batch of Crispelli’s bread out of the oven way back in 2012. Since then, her “do whatever it takes to make the customer happy” philosophy has carried her through the bread-making ranks and into her dream position—manager of a nice little artisan bakery.